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The Carlisle Plan

Carlisle’s Complete 7 is a unique workout system unlike any other that you have experienced.  It is designed for athletes from 10 years old to the professional level who are trying to improve their overall athleticism, balance, conditioning and functional strength.  The plan uses a circuit training approach for a high intensity, fast paced workout of about 40 minutes in length.  While designed by legendary high school basketball coach Randy Carlisle for his basketball teams, this workout is great for athletes of any sport.  This is not a fitness class or a weight training session, in fact there are no weights, however, you will increase strength and athleticism.  It is about explosion, hand eye coordination, balance, skill development, and mental preparation.  If you are serious about pushing yourself to be the best athlete, you can be reach out to schedule your first session.

Handsome muscular man flipping big tire outdoor.